Coil-Wound Heat Exchanger

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Coil-wound Heat Exchanger
ApplicationMaximum design pressure(Mpa)Design Temperature(℃)Material
Internal compression ASU17.5-196stainless steel shell/copper tubestainless steel shell/stainless tube
Low temperature methanol washer12-80stainless steel shell/stainless tube
LNG plant5.2-165stainless steel shell/stainless tubealuminum shell/aluminum tube
Coke oven gas hydrogen production unit3.5-75stainless steel shell/stainless tube
Petroleum refining unit9550stainless steel shell/stainless tubechrome-molybdenum steel shell/stainless tube
LNG filling station28-165stainless steel shell/stainless tube

Structure and characteristics

  • Coil-wound heat exchanger consists of shell, central cylinder, tube sheet, tube and gasket etc. The tubes is tightly wound on the central cylinder with a certain helix angle and pitch. Each layer of tubes is separated by flat pad and special-shaped pad to ensure horizontal and vertical spacing between tubes.

  • Compact structure, high voltage resistance, reliable seal and heat expansion offset;

  • The inner fluid flows in a spiral manner and shell fluid crosses laterally through the wounded tubes, with high heat exchange coefficient;

  • Since the heat transfer component is circular tube, the differential pressure and temperature limitation requirements between different fluid are little when several fluid coexist in one coil-wound heat exchanger for heat transfer to reduce the operation difficulty and improve the safety.

  • Compare with the situation of the plant-fin heat exchanger’s parallel operation in air separation unit and LNG, coil-wound heat exchanger can work by signal unit which will avoid bias flow in operation and reduce the site area.

The production design

Fortune’s core team has designed and manufactured more than one hundred sets of coil-wound heat exchangers and has accumulated a wealth of experience. On the basis of foreign advanced technology and years of practical foundation, the team did many research and development related to the design calculation software and set up heat exchanger component performance test rig to get computational formulas of single-phrase flow, boiling heat transfer and resistance characteristics, and set up property database and design calculation software programming, and made a small sample and passed the thermal test. Meanwhile, many of the research achievements got national invention patents and provincial level awards.

Production and manufacturing

Fortune has a special workshop for various coil-wound heat exchangers manufacture, with advanced and specialized manufacture equipment.

There are six specialized tube coilers, two of which are 180 tons, having the maximum capacity to manufacture 350 tons heat exchanger; 4 sets of 50 tons and 2 sets of 200 tons heavy lift crane

FORTUNE GAS has the workshop and facilities for various coil-wound heat exchanger manufacturing.

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